Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet Our Sponsors... (Part 2)

At Blythe Fest 2012 we are very lucky to have such a fantastic bunch of lovely sponsors!

We have introduced you to 3 of our sponsors so far in THIS POST, and today we are going to introduce you to 7 more! Here we go...

First up is our sponsor Jane from Maidensuit! She donated this excellent blythe doll crochet beanie! Isn't it wonderful?

Next, meet our sponsor Laura from Plastic Fashion! She has donated this incredible dress for the meet! Isn't it awesome?!

Next up, meet Jenny from Jenny The Artist! She has donated the brilliant dress above! It's sooo cool!

The above two dresses have been donated by Thea, from Prettyinthekitchen! Aren't they gorgeous?! She also has something else she is donating too a bit later on! EXCITING!

The next sponsor is Nikki from Luxie Lou! She has donated the AWESOME candy tunic and bloomers above! So so so so cute!

Now let's meet Snuffy, our next sponsor! She has donated the above dress and beanie! They are just stunning!

Last (but certainly not least) Ruth, from Eurotrash has donated the FANTASTIC above beanie! It's sooooooo FABULOUS! There is also a dress coming with it too and it will be revealed soon!

Thank-you SO much to all of our sponsors for being SO generous to donate gifts for the Blythe Fest! We really appreciate it!

Stay tuned for MUCH MUCH more Sydney Blythe Fest goodness!

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  1. Wow, very pleasant. I love Blythe Doll and just ordered this at PIJ.
    Hope I will get this in a week and I am a big fan of this cute doll. Thanks for your nice share.