Friday, February 24, 2012

Sydney Blythe Fest 2012


Date: Saturday 23rd June, 2012

Where: Balgowlah RSL - Ethel Street, Seaforth
20-30 mins by bus from Wynyard Station, 10min bus trip from Manly Beach

Time: 11am - 4pm

Tickets are $35.00 each which include Room Hire, Lunch & Soft Drinks/Juice & Tea/Coffee, Raffle Ticket and hopefully a Goodie bag!

Children Under 5 Free, however, there will not be a goodie bag or raffle ticket for them.

Lunch will be Sandwiches, Wraps & Baguettes, Cheese Platter & Fruit Platter, other dietary requirements upon request.

Cut off date for ticket sales June 1st, 2012

Tickets to be paid to my paypal account

Please include the words SYDNEY MEET or Blythe Fest with payment, so I know what it is for. Also, please include your address so that I can send out tickets when they become available.

Upon purchase, I will add your name and ticket number to the list below

We are trying to put together a great little goodie bag, and are asking for donations for Goodie bags & Raffle prizes! Sponsors will be listed on ourr blog, here and in our flickr group

We will shortly have a Flickr Group (HERE) and Facebook page

There will be competitions on the day also! We are hoping for trade tables also!


1. Blue
2. Colin
3. Mandy
4. Liv
5. Angelique
6. Django
7. Juliett
8. Janelle
9. Michael
10. Emily
11. Jasper
12. Kiarra
13. Beck
14. Nick
15. Kate
16. Ria
17. Lyndell
18. Steph
19. Jess
20. Tanya
21. Megan
22. Lily
23. Katie
24. Majorie
25. Nancy


  1. Site looks fabulous girls and I am just about to go and buy our tickets as my dear husband booked our flights this morning. See you all there:)

    1. Thank-you Angelique!! We are all SO SO excited to meet you all!! It sooo exciting!!

  2. Hello. I really want to go to the Blythe meet this year but I was just wondering do u have to go in the comps to win prizes? What is the theme to dress up our blythes this year?

    1. Hello Sofia! Everyone who buys a ticket gets a raffle ticket. Names will be called out for the raffle, and if your ticket number is called you win a prize! We are aiming to get a prize for every person! It is optional to go into competitions. We will be doing a detailed post about competitions very soon, but we are having the competitions Mini-me, Beauty and Best Dressed. I really hope to see you there!! xx, Emily

    2. Oh, and every person gets a goodie bag with little things in it! Hope I could help!

  3. I wish i could come since i don't think there has ever been a blythe meet in WA :( But anyway!! Have a great time

  4. Hi! I am so excited to ome to BlytheFest!

    I just emailed (cos I couldn't work out how to re-activate my blogger account at first!) but want to know how far the venue is from the airport?

    I have to fly in and hire a car, and wanted to know if I need to book a hotel, or if I can do it as a one day return trip :)

  5. I am brand new to this forum. I have been looking at Blythes for 3 years but now have "the bug" I cant get enough. I just bought 4 littlest pet shop Blythe and have saved and will buy my first "proper sized" Blythe tonight.
    I am very excited.

  6. Hi there, Is it too late to buy a ticket to attend BlytheFest, just as a visitor. I am a member of WPWD.

    I hope so. I will be flying from SA, so would need to book flights.